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Chan Yuk Keung

Chan Yuk Keung, making art for almost 30 year, teaching and learning art in Chinese University. Seeing art trends and generations replace each other frequently, without proper traces of reasons. He no longer able to tell whether he is a teacher or student, even in his classroom, the only promising thing in hand is just basic theory.




Enoch, Cheung Hong Sang
(born in Hong Kong, 1970 - )

Enoch Cheung graduated from the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) degree, jointly presented by the RMIT University and Hong Kong Art School. He then received his Master degree in Fine Art at the RMIT University, Australia. Currently he teaches at the Hong Kong Art School, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity and involves various workshops.

His work has been shown in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Singapore etc, including solo exhibition “Digital All” (Para/site, 2001), “Temporal being” of Microwave International Media Art Festival (2002), “Mapping Asia – 18th Asian International Art Exhibition” (2003), “Move On Asia“ – Animation & Single Channel Video Art Festival (2004) and others. “Matter Dismatter - when art meets new media” was jointly curated by 1a space and Enoch at 2004.

A Founding member of “Fansangonei alias”at Fu Tak Building – a Visual/Reading flat for informal exhibiting and sharing place.

張康生 (生於香港,1970 - )


作品曾於香港、日本、韓國、新加坡等地展出。包括個人展覽「過度數碼」(Para/site,2001),微波國際媒體藝術節2002的「Temporal Being(2002)及「亞洲拼圖 –第十八屆亞洲國際美展」(2003),「Move On AsiaAnimation & Single Channel Video Art Festival(2004)等。2004 1a 藝術空間合作策展「物非物 – 當物料遇上新媒體」。

在灣仔富德樓與伙伴創辨 Fangonei alias 視閱空間,舉辦非正規展出的藝術預展和交流活動。


Tse Ming-chong
(born in Hong Kong, 1960 - )

Tse received his master degree from Goldsmiths College, University of London in Imaging and Communication in 2004. And he graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University in Chinese Journalism in 2003. TSE is not only a photographer, he is interested in every image-making media, time media and theatre art. His works focus on how individuals behave in relation with history and society. Currently, he is exploring interactive media. He received The British Chevening Scholarships from British Council, Hong Kong in 2003, ‘Fellowship for Artistic Development - A photo-research of off-course Hong Kong Jockey Club Betting Centre’, which was granted by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in1997 and ‘Bronze Award / Kodak Award, Editorial’ of Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographer Ltd. Award ’95. His photo installation ‘Hong Kong Daily ‘94’ exhibited in ‘-ism ’95: The 1st Tokyo International Photo-Biennale at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Japan in 1995. Currently, TSE works as Photography subject coordinator and lecturer at Hong Kong Art School.

His solo exhibitions include: Horse Race Will Continue in Hong Kong (2000, HK), Face To Face (1999, HK & Australia), Flashes Of Images (1997, HK) and Hong Kong ‘94 (1995, HK), etc. Group exhibitions include: Hong Kong Art Biennial 2005 (2006, Hong Kong), Freshly Made Burial Object (Hong Kong, 2005), Re-Wanchai (2005, Hong Kong), Crossbreed (2004, London), Who’s Link (2002, HK), Display Wanchai’(2001, HK), Sleeptalk Evidence (1998, HK) Contemporary Hong Kong Arts Biennial 1996 (1996, HK), etc. His video works include: Going Home (1999, HK) and Video installation Pedestrian Zone (1997, HK)

生於香港,1960 - )

謝氏於二00四年獲英國倫敦金匠學院碩士,二00三年畢業於香港浸會大學新聞系。而謝氏不單是一個攝影師,他亦有興趣於其它製作影像的媒介、時間媒體、舞台藝術和互動媒體。他的作品關注個人在歷史和不同時空下的狀況。他於二00三年獲香港英國文化協會「志奮領留英獎學金」,一九九七年「馬照跑﹣場外投注站攝影計劃」獲香港藝術發展局頒發「視藝發展獎」,一九九五年獲香港專業攝影師公會頒發「九五攝影年獎 ﹣出版」。他的攝影裝置《香港日記九四》入選《第一回東京國際寫真雙年展》於一九九五年在日本東京都寫真美館展出。謝氏現為香港藝術學院的攝影課程統籌及講師。

謝氏的個人展覽包括:《馬照跑》(2000,香港),《面對面》(1999,香港、澳洲),《移形換影》(1997,香港)以及《香港九四》(1995,香港)等。聯展包括:《香港藝術雙年展 2005》(2006,香港)、《現場灣仔》(2005,香港)、《新明器》(2005,香港)、《Crossbreed》(2004,英國倫敦)、《結.連》(2002,香港)、《展出灣仔》(2001,香港)


Tang Ying Chi
(born in Hong Kong, 1956 - )

Tang Ying Chi, is exploring from cultural identity to self-actualization in truth and life. Art, from her, is a way but not the end. She is working in various media, such as painting, fabric sewing installation and using a lot of photographic images. Tang is born in Hong Kong, studied in England and from Australian University. She has also resided in Canada for a period of time. For her, life is beautiful and non-transferable. She is responsible to enrich it and shares with the others.

(生於香港, 1956 - )



Website: www.tangyingchi.com

So Hing Keung
(born in Hong Kong, 1959 - )

So Hing Keung was born in Hong Kong. Having graduated in 1994 from the Swire School of Design of the former Hong Kong Polytechnic with the first class honour in Photographic Design, he devoted himself to the art of photography and now works as a professional photographer. So is a prolific photographer who has taken part in various solo and group shows in Hong Kong and abroad since the late 1980s. He received many local and international awards such as the Bronze Prize at the Nikon Photo Contest International in 1983, Gold Awards at the Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers Awards in 1997 and 1999. He was awarded a Fellowship for Artistic Development by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 1998 as well as the Fine Arts Award of the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial 2001. His work were collected by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong Museum of Art and various local and overseas private collections.


(生於香港, 1959 - )



Yolanda, Yeung Yu Ling
(born in Hong Kong, 1982- )

Yolanda Yeung graduated from Master of Fine Arts in the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2007. Her works entered Sovereign and Philippe Charriol Art Competition 2006, as well as Hong Kong Biennial 2005. Yolanda is an artist in Fotan art village. From her perspective, all visual media, styles, artistic technique have acquired equal value and should simply be viewed as co-existing simultaneously. Hence, multi-style is always emphasized in her artworks. However, there is always a consistent subject in her works, which is “young girl”. To Yolanda, young girl symbolizes beauty and shallowness, which are qualities she looks for in her works – as beautiful and as shallow as possible.

(生於香港,1982- )



Luk Tsing Yuen
(Born in Hong Kong, 1969-)

Luk received his BA degree in Fine Art from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University in 2005. He specializes in 3-dimensional works with industrial plastic chemicals (e.g. polyurethane, epoxy resin). He participated in several local solo and group exhibitions including “Fotanian” (2003), “A Person A [ ]” (2004), “BA (Fine Art) Graduation Show” (2005), “Local East-Kowloon Art In Progress” (2006), “Industry and Silence” (2007), and “Passionate Objects” (2008).

( 生於香港,1969- )

陸貞元在2005年畢業於澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學,並取得藝術學士學位。他善於運用塑膠化工原料(例如聚氨脂、環氧樹脂)作為主要創作媒介,創造出立體作品。他亦曾經參與多個本地個展及聯展,包括“伙炭”(2003)、“一人一[ ]”(2004)、“學士學位(藝術)課程畢業展”(2005)、“東棟動 —觀塘藝術工作解構”(2006)、“默默密密”(2007)、“阿元物語”(2008)。


Lau Hok Shing, Hanison

(born in Hong Kong, 1979 - )

Lau has now been working as an independent artist and teaching assistant at the Hong Kong Art School. He received a bachelor degree of arts (Fine Art) from the RMIT University in 2005; currently undertaking a master Degree course in Fine art at RMIT. Over the years, he has been exhibiting his works widely in Australia and Hong Kong. Various local and overseas collectors collect his works.

(生於香港,1979 - )